Our Process to Delivering your Dream Pool

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The Mission custom pools process

We have a simple and straightforward process that takes you from design to swimming with ultimate satisfaction.


Backyard Consultation

We start with a one-on-one design consultation in your backyard to determine your specific wants and needs as well as opportunities presented by your yard. Every yard is unique which we use to our advantage in your design.

From this initial yard visit, we are able to build a true-to-life computer model of your backyard and future swimming pool.

Custom 3D Design

Each Mission Custom Pools guest receives a 3D design created using the latest software in landscape architecture. Because we design from scratch every swimming pool, we are able to deliver a swimming pool and backyard tailored to the specific wants, needs and desires of each individual guest.

This design process allows you to find yourself immersed in the possibilities of your outdoor space true as possible to size, shape and finish.

Design Presentation

We will provide to you a multi-media presentation showing off the ins and outs of your design. We want you to get excited for the possibilities when you look at your future pool designed by Mission Custom Pools.

Planning and Permitting

Once we dot the i's and cross the t's on design, Mission Custom Pools handles the planning and permitting regarding your swimming pool project.

The next step is bringing your dream into reality.




The project truly begins to unfold as we break ground in your backyard.

From the moment our tractors come off their trailers, we work cautiously to preserve any existing vegetation making sure no unnecessary marks are made on your property. Upon completion of “the dig,” the footprint of your pool is unmistakable.

Plumbing and Steel

Once the hole is in the ground, we begin constructing the steel skeleton of your swimming pool which gives strength to the concrete structure. We utilize #4, 60-grade steel to create a structure to withstand the demanding soils in San Antonio. Tying our steel in a maximum 9" on-center-each-way technique ensures that we maximize the amount of steel put into your swimming pools structure.

We plan our plumbing in a manner that maximizes efficiency to minimize operating cost of your swimming pool. Coupled with our variable-speed pool pumps, we aim to save you hundreds of dollars per year in comparison to traditional plumbing and pump methods.


The shape of your swimming pool is solidified on the day of gunite. We utilize a technique which allows us to mix your concrete on-site, rather than at a concrete plant. This technique results in the creation of a structure with uniform strength throughout.

With other techniques where concrete is mixed off-site, such as shotcrete, the concrete is poured at different times which can result in "cold joints" throughout the structure. This is not ideal when it comes to the strength of your swimming pool.

We at Mission Custom Pools make sure that our techniques result in the strongest and longest lasting as possible to protect your investment.

Tile and Coping

Along with the shape and design, the character and flair come from the tile and coping selections.

Whether it is a standard tile selection paired with flagstone coping or a glass decorative tile accompanying travertine, there are hundreds of possible combinations to match your personality.

Concrete Decking

Most of our designs feature concrete decking to maximize the entertainment space around your beautiful new swimming pool.

It is always our suggestion to finish the concrete surface with a cool texture to reduce the discomfort that comes with burnt feet in the summer. This finish gives you freedom to choose the color of your concrete to pair with the tile, coping and plaster.



Pool Equipment

We install Pentair pool equipment where available to offer you the best for running, controlling, filtering, sanitizing, and cleaning your swimming pool. After a thorough pool school, you will know exactly how to operate your swimming pool and keep it looking pristine for years.

Variable Speed Pump for Running your Pool

It starts at the heart with your IntelliFlo 8-Speed Programmable Variable Speed pump. With the IntelliFlo, we are able to program the exact RPM required to run your pump to keep your pool at optimum cleanliness. We run your pump at a lower RPM over a bit longer period of time which dramatically reduces the amount of energy required to keep your pool safe for your family and friends to enjoy.

Wireless Pool Control

The brain of your pool is the EasyTouch Control Panel controlled wirelessly with ScreenLogic from your iOS or Android device. You will have total control of your pool from the pump to water features to your included IntelliBrite Multi-color LED Light. Out to dinner and want to get into your new spa as soon as you get home? No problem. Want to change the lighting of your pool to match the mood? No problem. Want to show off your water features to family and friends? No problem. Complete access and control of your swimming pool and spa from the palm of your hand.

Filtering your Swimming Pool

We offer standard for you a Pentair Quad DE Filter. We use Diatomaceous Earth standard because it offers the most to our customers in filtration going beyond the limits of typical paper filters or sand filters.


Our standard swimming pool comes equipped with an in-line chlorinator with a control valve to adjust your chlorine levels.

Keeping your Pool Clean

With a pressure cleaner, such as a Polaris, we supplement the filtration action in your pool by removing unwanted debris such as leaves, twigs and dirt from the surface of your pool before they reach your filter.

Pool Plaster and Water Fill

We install exposed aggregate plaster on your swimming pool which offers a longer lasting finish than traditional plasters. With many color selections standard, we are able to provide you with a water color that matches your vision for your swimming pool.


Bring on the Parties


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